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Website Development

IT Canny has emerged as a leading web design and development firm in a very short span of time with its innovative ideas, excellent graphic design skills and profound technology expertise. We work optimally; understand your views and ideas thoroughly to come up with the solid solutions. Our goal is to provide cutting edge technology solutions to you to take benefits of advanced technology and stay ahead in the marketplace.


The excellent feature of SEO is its ability to increase sales without increasing marketing expenses which assures exponential growth of profit over time. SEO is all-inclusive marketing strategy accompanying all business goals. It offers better ROI that all other online marketing forms because of its basic feature of increasing sales, conversions at a minimal incremental cost. Our teams integrate the best of SEO and SEM techniques to ensure your business growth we well as to gain long term benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know that about 91% of the adult population uses at least one social media site every day? Social media networks allow your business to connect with your customers and potential customers directly.  The consistent interactions with the customers and other audience develop the authority image of the company on social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media sites for general audience but there are many other effective social media sites like LinkedIn,  Instagram, Pinterest etc. Each of these platforms has its own strength in terms of features and benefits. Social media marketing companies help businesses to identify the most credible and effective social media platform.

Start your new company website

In just a few steps to your professional online presence.

1. What you'd like to experience?

In a personal or web meeting with you, we will determine the content of your site and suggest directions for the design based on your wishes. The menu structure and content concept are also defined here. The creation of your website can begin! We know our customers personally and therefore know what is important to them.

2. We create your website.

Our designers create an individual responsive design for you and your company, which is perfectly tailored to your target group and your appearance. After all, your own website reflects the professionalism of your company to the outside world. Therefore, a modern design and a high user-friendliness are the foundations of our work. Our designers do not rely on ready-made design templates, but create the design of your website individually and tailor-made.

3. Ready? We finalize together.

In each phase you will gain insight into the development of your new company website. If you have any questions, we will call you and clarify all questions promptly and personally. You can participate in the creation of your website at any time and look permanently over the shoulder of the web designer when designing the website.

4. Your website goes online!

And your new website goes online. We also ensure that you are found online by providing your website with the appropriate search criteria. So that you feel well looked after, we will continue to provide you with help and advice. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.

SEO - Pricing

Our packages include the completeonsite and off site SEO optimisation.

Business pro


per month

  • Review & Website Analysis
  • On-Site SEO Optimization -Unlimited
  • Off Page optimization
  • Reports



per month

  • Review & Website Analysis
  • On-Site SEO Optimization - 10 pages
  • Off Page optimization
  • Reports

About time we create your professional website.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be present online. More and more internet users and potential customers are looking online for information, services and products. Take off with us and convince yourself of our first-class product! We look forward to hearing from you!